FD on Demand

The target client that is likely to benefit most from the above services will typically have a turnover of between £2million and £30million. It will be an SME, without a Finance Director, but possibly with a financial controller/chief accountant.

Typically, the client has need for the expertise of a Finance Director, but not full time. This will often be a combination of budgetary and other issues. An Experienced FD, employed where they are only truly required maybe one day per week will soon become bored. Utilising the services of the Auditors / Accountants is often prohibitive financially due to the charging structures of Audit firms. YBP are able to provide the required level of skills and experience at a rate affordable to the client.

We have substantial experience in many “verticals” including:

In all cases we have been able to provide experienced management input, which has improved the quality of the clients business, both in terms of their product/service and their profitability. It is our experience that in most cases, what starts as a small project turns into something much more detailed providing significant added value to the client. Our aim is always to work with the company's professional advisors. In many cases it is these advisors who recommend our services, secure in the knowledge that we offer no competition for the services they offer.